Mambobaby Neck Float


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The World’s Safest Baby Float

Mambobaby Neck Float

Suitable from birth to 12 months, the Mambobaby neck float is the ideal floating aid for young children. Wrapped in thermoplastic polyurethane to ensure the float is comfortable and soft to touch. The double lock mechanism on the float will give you an added sense of security as your child enjoys their freedom in the water.

Benefits :

  • As your baby kicks around in the water, the small rocking waves he/she creates will help to improve their balance and coordination and, ultimately, support their ability to crawl, walk and swim. Even if your baby falls asleep in the water that rocking will continue with his/her rhythmic breathing.
  • The sensation of floating in warm water puts your baby completely at ease and can promote a number of key benefits:
  • Muscular and skeletal strength is increased through the water’s gentle resistance
  • Movement through the water has a positive effect on the digestive and circulatory systems, which can reduce meconium levels and lowers the risk of jaundice three or four days after birth.
  • Subtle water pressure on the chest can increase lung capacity by strengthening intercostal muscles and the respiratory system.
  • Great for home aquatic hydrotherapy sessions in your own bathtub instead of a pricey baby spa treatment center.
It is the perfect companion to get your baby to love being in the water.


  • Age suitability :  0 to 12 months (children under 12 kg).
  • Dimensions :
    • Medium : Inner perimeter 28cm (1-6 months)
    • Large : Inner perimeter 33cm (6-12 months)
  • Weight limit : 12kgs MAX (26 lbs)
  • Health and safety :

This product will not prevent against drowning. It must be used under constant supervision from an adult. Hand wash with mild detergent, do not scrub or brush. Store the product in a cool dry place after use. This product must be kept away from high temperatures and sharp objects to avoid damage.